Submitters Perspectives

Monthly newsletters produced by Dr. Rashad Khalifa during 1985 - 1990

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YearMonthPDFWebKey Topics
1985FebruaryPDFWebTo save the Muslim Ummah, we must return to Obeying the Prophet, The Muslim Prisoner: Blessing in Disguise?
1985MarchPDFWebThe Submitters Perspective on Islam, Will the Real Messiah Please Stand Up
1985AprilPDFWebWhat is the Matter with This Hadith?, Ramadan: The Most Important Moment of the Year
1985MayPDFWebThe Importance of Submitting to God Alone, The Submitters Miracle: Its Definition and Significance
1985JunePDFWebHow to Attain Happiness, Idolatry: The Unforgivable Sin
1985JulyPDFWebThe Worst Beasts in the Sight of God, The End of the World: Fact or Fiction?
1985AugustPDFWebWhy Was the Devil Created?, The Enemy Within
1985SeptemberPDFWebThe Quran: The Ultimate Miracle, Prohibiting what is lawful and lawful what is prohibited
1985OctoberPDFWebReligious Duties: Human Innovations vs. God's Commands, The Third Type of People
1985NovemberPDFWebThe True Understanding of Islam, History of the Quranic Revelation
1985DecemberPDFWebIntroduction to Quranic Meditation, The Inevitable Journey
1986JanuaryPDFWebDivine Justice, Who are the Submitters?
1986FebruaryPDFWebJudgment Day: The Greatest Day, The Gift of Submission
1986MarchPDFWebGods System for the Kingship on Earth, The New Arabic Quran Translation: Submitters Version
1986AprilPDFWebThe Truth About Fasting, UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life
1986MayPDFWebThe Greatness of the Quran, The Idiot Box: A Powerful Medium for the Ignorant
1986JunePDFWebHow to Attain Inner Peace and Tranquility, Religion vs. Submission
1986JulyPDFWebThe Most Powerful Tool in the Hands of the Believers, Divine Justice: Fact or Fiction?
1986AugustPDFWebThe Final Testament: The Ultimate Miracle, Life Before Life
1986SeptemberPDFWebThe Universal Eclectic Creed, The Three Pillars of Islam
1986OctoberPDFWebThe Spirit of Submission, Who is Your Best Friend?
1986NovemberPDFWebThe Quran: The Ultimate Reference, Islam: The Ultimate Test
1986DecemberPDFWebThe Spirit of Faith, History of the Hajj
1987JanuaryPDFWebPrayer: The Key to Success, Miracles of the Quran
1987FebruaryPDFWebJustice: The Missing Element in the World Today, The Quranic Definitions
1987MarchPDFWebThe Believers Ultimate Goal, The Ironical Islam
1987AprilPDFWebGod: The Ultimate Teacher, Gog and Magog: Fact or Fiction?
1987MayPDFWebAtheism: The God Delusion, The Greatness of the Quran - Part 2
1987JunePDFWebThe Quran: The Most Complete and Authoritative Hadith, Salat: The Contact Prayers
1987JulyPDFWebThe Ultimate Test: Life, The Ultimate Test: Death
1987AugustPDFWebThe Submitters Perspective on the Day of Resurrection, The Importance of Zikr
1987SeptemberPDFWebHadith and Sunna: The Lowly Fabrications, The Message of the Quran
1987OctoberPDFWebThe Covenant, Obeying the Messenger
1987NovemberPDFWebThe Quran: The Ultimate Reference, The Stinger
1987DecemberPDFWebSubmission: The Straight Path, The End of the World: Fact or Fiction?
1988JanuaryPDFWebThe Religion of Islam vs. The Religion of The Submitters, The Enemy Within
1988FebruaryPDFWebThe Message of the Quran, Are You Satisfied With God as Your Lord?
1988MarchPDFWebThe Greatness of The Quran, What Makes Us Submitters?
1988AprilPDFWebThe Quran: A Book Like No Other, Be Humble Before God Alone
1988MayPDFWebThe Future of Submission, The Religion of The Submitters
1988JunePDFWebA Complete Way of Life, Introduction to Quranic Prayers
1988JulyPDFWebHow to Acquire Knowledge, The Submitters' Philosophy
1988AugustPDFWebZakat: More Than Just A Financial Obligation, Respect for the Dead: Religious Necessity or Human Fetish?
1988SeptemberPDFWebThe Universal Creed: Allahu Akbar!, Life After Death
1988OctoberPDFWebSalat: The Contact Prayers, The World: A Test
1988NovemberPDFWebSpiritual and Physical Health, Monotheism vs. Polytheism
1988DecemberPDFWebQuranic Islam vs. Traditional Islam, Profoundness of the Islamic Prayer
1989JanuaryPDFWebMeditation: The Ultimate Remembrance, When Satan Becomes Your Best Friend
1989FebruaryPDFWebWho is Your Real Enemy?, This Worldly Life
1989MarchPDFWebThe Deeper Meanings of Hajj, Worship God Alone
1989AprilPDFWebThe Prohibition of Intoxicants, The Messiah
1989MayPDFWebThe Role of the Submitters, History of Submitters in North America
1989JunePDFWebThe Falsehood of the Trinity, The Hypocrite
1989JulyPDFWebThe Purpose of Our Life, The Reason for Our Existence
1989AugustPDFWebRashad Khalifa: A Historical Perspective, The History of the Quran
1989SeptemberPDFWebReligious Hypocrisy, The Struggle for Freedom in Iran
1989OctoberPDFWebTwo Great Miracles, The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran
1989NovemberPDFWebFasting in Ramadan, Prophets and Messengers
1989DecemberPDFWebThe Secret of Contentment, The Essence of Worship
1990JanuaryPDFWebThe Power of Prayer, Worshiping God Alone: Islam or Submission?
1990FebruaryPDFWebThe Power of Knowledge, The Unforgivable Sin
1990MarchPDFWebSubmission: The Only Religion, A Practical Guide for Quranic Understanding


The first issue of the Submitters Perspective was published in February 1985. Dr. Rashad Khalifa was the editor of the newsletter. He was the one who established Masjid Tucson and the United Submitters International organization.

Originally called "Muslim Perspective," the newsletter was renamed "Submitters Perspective" with the December 1989 issue. Dr. Khalifa's life in this world ended on January 31, 1990, when he was martyred inside the masjid before dawn (at the time, Dr. Khalifa had already published the March 1990 in advance).

On-line and in paper form, work on the Submitter's Perspective continues and is an important link for Submitters around the world. The newsletter presents articles based on the Quran (the true "Islamic" perspective) with topics of interests relating to the religion of Submission, the mathematical miracle in the Quran, current events, and submission to God alone. Note: While submitters review articles prior to publishing, as humans we may make mistakes. The ultimate reference and only source of religious guidance is the Quran (5:48; 6:19, 38, 114-115). God willing we each examine material in light of the Quran.

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All issues between 1985 February to 1990 March are available on this page.