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Returns all available data for a specified chapter, verse or verse range, or textual query.

Query by chapter



Query by verses

Method 1


Method 2

https://api.quraniclabs.com/quran/<chapter>/<verse | verse range>

Query by text


** Add &lan= followed by the language to search a foreign translation. Default is English. You can specify the following alternatives: Arabic/Turkish/French/Swedish/Russian/Persian/Malay.

** Add &type=notliteral for non exact-matches. This is helpful for searches with multiple keywords.

Other endpoints

Random verse/chapters:


Requests containing invalid chapters, verses, verse ranges, will be rejected with notice. Invalid languages will default to English.

Additional language support is growing over time. Some languages contain only partial extractions.

Optional properties will return null if they do not exist in the object.



Returns prayer times data for a specified latitude & longitude, city, or landmark.

Query by search



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